Albuquerque, Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe and Smelling Great with Clean Trash Bins

As you may have guessed, your trash bins are breeding grounds for bacteria. Trash bags rip and leak, insects and other pests are drawn to their odor, and they smell awful in the heat becoming more and more rancid. No one wants to touch the trash cans, let alone clean them! So they just get worse. Have no fear! That’s exactly what our mobile trash bin cleaning system was designed for. We make it super easy to keep your trash bins clean, safe, and disinfected.

Whether you store your bins inside or out, here are just a few benefits you can enjoy:

  1. We use an eco-friendly disinfectant that helps keep smells, bacteria, and bugs away in between cleanings. Experience the peace of mind knowing your trash cans are not harboring dangerous bacteria. Enjoy knowing you’ll never have to get sprayed with filthy trash bin water attempting to clean them yourself! Schedule your first cleaning today! All it takes is a couple of clicks.Your trash bins stay on your property. We don’t take them away, we clean them on-site.
  2. We use a self-contained, specially designed trash bin cleaning truck that uses high pressure high heat water to sanitize the inside and outside of your trash bins, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  3. We take all of the dirty gunk and water with us! It’s never spilled onto your lawn or sidewalk like when you DIY clean your trash bins.
  4. We offer transparent pricing that is based on how many bins you have and how frequently you want them cleaned.
  5. You can earn FREE service! Recommend a friend who purchases at least one bin cleaning with L&M – get a FREE bin cleaning; recommend two friends and get two bins cleaned for free (unlimited offer).

Choose a package that fits your trash can cleaning needs

We have the right service package for freshening up those smelly, germ-filled cans

Having a professional recycle and trash bin cleaning service is essential. Research has shown that frequent cleaning is needed to reduce the risk of infection from waste containers. From monthly to quarterly service, whatever your bin cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered. We can also pressure wash your sidewalks and driveways too.

For commercial pricing for dumpsters or pressure washing services, please call us at (505) 289-4802.

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